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Sports Gumshields


We all know the importance of wearing a seat belt in a car or glasses when operating machinery. Most people also know they should be wearing a mouthguard when playing sport but think they'll be ok if they are carful. Unfortunately accidents happen without warning so it's only a matter of time before an accident occurs. If you are constantly frightened to engage in contact sport, this could become an obstacle between you and success.

I can construct professional custom made sports mouth guards in a number of cool colours that will help spread the impact should it occur.

Unlike shop bought appliances, these fit snuggly around your teeth and allow you to bite evenly which makes it very comfortable allowing you to focus on your sport rather than worrying about your mouthguard falling out!

Unlike shop bought appliances, I can use laminated materials that add a superior level of protection for hard contact sports.

One appointment for an impression is all thats needed to help protect your teeth.

Sports Mouthguards start at $200.00 Discounted rates are available for bookings of 5 or more at one visit.

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