Laboratory Work

Delivering Quality to your Surgery

Lab work

If you would like some seriously smart prosthetic work where try-in's look like finished cases presented on beautiful models, where setups follow your instructions and actually articulate properly every time, then contact me where I will be delighted to meet you at your surgery to discuss your requirements.

I really do understand what service is and how important it is for work to arrive early without constant chasing up and the importance of instructions being carried out correctly.
Work that arrives within a few hours before the patients appointment is late and causes stress!

As I have many years of clinical experience with denture wearing patients I am more than happy to share any knowledge that will make the outcome easier to achieve if asked.

Sometimes having that extra experience just helps you know what will look good or not in the mouth.

At present, I am only providing quality prosthetic work as this is often difficult to find locally and doesn’t travel well for further afield laboratories.

Once I understand what I am required to carry out, I will provide you with a price list and lab sheets to ensure there are no surprises.

All clients  are invoiced at the end of each month for each completed case or sessions used according to each individual agreement.

In the mean time please feel free to download my Lab ticket below and call
0416626902 for a collection.

Dental Creation Adelaide Lab Ticket 2019